Choose from color, TBe, and hub version. Kits include c29 Compression for a 211% Boost over base capacity.

- 10x 10TB Expansion Packs 
422TBe - 10x 20TB Expansion Packs 
844TBe - 20x 20TB Expansion Packs 

Grow your TBe, grow your rewards.

Calculate your rewards here.
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01. Download Evergreen Mobile

Download the Mobile App here for iPhone or here for Android.

02. Power up your Evergreen

Use the Power Supply v2 to plug in your Evergreen Hub and Expansion Packs. The LED will turn Red or Blinking Blue.

03. Add it to the App.

Connect to the EVG Hotspot and connect your kit to wifi, or scan for it over Ethernet. Create an account, set your payout address, and boom! You are farming.

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Every Box Comes with something Extra.

Unlock the in App Theme, Collect Coins, and Experience all that Crypto has to offer.

4-6 Week Delivery

Hand made to order, quality inspected, in the USA.

*Estimated Ship time may change due to supply constraints

90 Day Warranty

If you run into trouble we'll send a replacement for FREE!

Customer Support

We offer video and chat support to help with all questions.

 Pick the Kit that's Right for You.

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