Your Personal Supercomputer

Create your own AI with a plug and play Supercomputer. 
From $7,999.

Bring Home The Power of AI

Evergreen II is yours, your compute, your data, your future. If you want to own GPUs, Evergreen II is the simplest platform with a support team ready to help you get the most out of your Supercomputer. 

Earn and Learn 
There's so much more you can do with Evergreen II.


Dedicated Hosting

We've partnered with high performance data centers to bring our 8x clusters to the global cloud.


If you are looking for hosting to maximize your rental earnings, or power your AI business, book a call with one of our specialists.

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Where personal meets super

Shared Memory

We're maintaining our own CUDA Drivers that enable optimization like shared memory (P2P) on the 4090s so you can run the latest and greatest without the hassle. 

Quiet and Cool

We've redesigned the PC case to better fit 2-8 GPUs and server components. 

Mobile First

Evergreen II is designed to run headless. With Evergreen's secure VPN and browser based UX you'll be able to run your applications on your own backend with zero friction.

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Brought to you by Evergreen

Evergreen is a consumer devices company that integrates the newest technologies like AI, Crypto, and Metaverse into end to end computer products. 


In 2022 we launched the Evergreen Miner, and quiet, plug and play miner that featured a Raspberry Pi and a Hard Disk Drive. Last year we shipped over 10,000 devices, with a custom operating system, and mobile application. All of our devices are designed and assembled in the USA. We have a support team and are constantly upgrading our systems to better serve our network.


We've been expanding into GPUs for the last 12 months, slowly scaling our internal supply, then serving cloud compute for other startups, and finally launching an at-home model. Our mission is to make cutting edge technology more accessible with beutiful designed UX.


Read more about our vision behind Evergreen II here.