What does an Evergreen miner earn? Which one is right for me?

What does an Evergreen miner earn? Which one is right for me?

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Have you ever wondered what an Evergreen miner might earn you? Struggling to figure out which kit is for you? Look no further, as today we are going over the earnings of each kit and how to calculate which is the correct for you.

A standard Evergreen miner comes with 20% compression allowing you to get 20% more effective storage while also giving you 20% more earnings than a standard market miner. Our Vosk kit comes with 25% compression, or 5% more than the standard. This gives the Vosk kit the upper hand when talking about ROI.

Another important factor is the price of XCH. As this fluctuates, so too does the earnings of a miner, so all projections are estimates. That being said there are plenty of XCH calculators that take these factors in consideration when providing an estimated earnings. The two most important factors to keep in mind are the current price of XCH, and the current price per TB.

The Data

Below you can see a table calculated using of those such calculators. The price of chia at the time of creation was $38.20. 


 *Rows with a star are our staffs top picks!

As you can see, by taking the total storage after compression and plugging it into an XCH calculator, you can get a good estimate on how much you can earn per kit, and how long it will take for a ROI. 

The larger the kit, the more initial up front cost, however they always receive a faster ROI than the smaller kits. Smaller kits, while sporting a lower price tag and a longer ROI are perfect for beginners that are curious or want to test the waters of chia mining. A Tails Plus is not only a staff top pick, but is also considered the perfect beginning point for those who would like to return to mining or would like to get a head start on farming! 

In Conclusion

As you can see there is many variables to consider when purchasing an Evergreen Miner, but the one thing you can always rely on is Evergreen having the right kit for you! 


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