Introducing the VoskCoin Tails Edition

Evergreen has created the most user friendly way to mine XCH and experience web3 at its fullest. In collaboration with Voskcoin, the leader in Crypto Mining content, we are delivering a one of kind experience for everyone.


ONLY 200 Kits Avaliable

Every kit come with the v3 Hub, 4x more powerful than v2

v3 Hubs support C5 Plots with 25% more rewards

FREE Legendary Tails NFT included

Buy Now

Choose From a Tails Edition Plus Kit,
Pro Kit, and Pro+10 Kit.

Only 200 Kits Available
with 25% more earnings with C5 Compression.

AEach Kit is Plotted to Order, Quality Inspected, and Assembled in Oxnard CA, USA.
Units Will Take 4 Weeks to Arrive After Purchase.

Don't Miss Your Chance to Get the Legendary Tails NFT

Scan and Claim directly from Evergreen Mobile, no fees required!

Hold, Send, or List for Sale on a P2P Exchange. 

Stack up Tails Tokens and share with your friends so they can join the fun.

Learn More About EVGNFT

 The Tails Token

Each Legendary Tails NFT can mint 1 Tails Token every 24 Hours. 

Currently Evergreen Mobile Features Redeeming a Tails Token for a Common Tails NFT. Claim and share the Tails token and spread the Tails love!

The Next Generation EVG Hub

The EVG Hub V3 marks a huge advanced in Single Board Computing Technology. It features an 8nm Dual Chip Architecture that is ready to farm while leaving a lot of overhead for additional workloads. We've also upgraded from a SD Card to on-board flash, improving device longevity and reliability, as well as boot times and OS speed. The V3 Hub is a true flagship production chipset that will drive the next generation of Evergreen Products.

About EVG X Vosk

       VoskCoin and Evergreen have been working together for over six months and are proud to announce the release of the VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner! This miner is a Limited Edition run with only 200 units being sold. If you don’t know VoskCoin, he is a big-time CHIA supporter and has even built his own Mining Shed dedicated to hard drive mining. It currently houses just over 1 PB of HDD miners. This limited edition miner is in honor of Tails, his beloved Shiba Inu, and the reason that Vosk got into mining full time. Check out the VoskCoin YouTube Channel to learn more about Vosk, Tails, and the HDD Mining Shed!