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Mine Chia (XCH), secure the network, trade and collect assets, in the simplest way imaginable.

Introducing the VoskCoin Tails Edition

Featuring the Tails Orange Cases, the V3 Hub with support for +25% more rewards, and the Legendary Tails NFT.

Limited Batch, Only 200 Kits Avaliable.

Get Started With an Evergreen Hub and Expansion Pack. 

The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to setup your kit in minutes.

Grow your Farm with Expansion Packs

Each Hub can support 25 Expansion Packs.

Get the same price for Compressed Kits during Batch 5 only.

20% More Rewards With Compression.
Avaliable now on kits with "TBe"

Stay competitive with the network and get on the latest PoST Standard.

Next Level Support

Evergreen Support is commited to helping you get the most out of your equipment.

The Evergreen Experience

Unlike any other miner. Evergreen goes a step further so anyone can join.

A end-to-end mobile app.

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