How to register your Name on Evergreen Mobile

Registering your Name from Namesdao gets you a custom domain such as evergreenminer.xch or bramcohen.xch.

It's any easy way to pay and get paid on wallets that support Namesdao and a digital asset that is securely stored in your wallet

Step 1
Activate Name Token and navigate to Register Name

Tap on the settings cog

Click on Token Settings

Check Namesdao NAME

Go to the Wallet page

Tap on the NAME Icon

Tap on Register Name

You must have at least 51 mojos to register, you can grab some from the official faucet

Official Chia Faucet

Step 2
Check the price and avaliability of your Name 

Select your currency

Select your Name Type

Each type will have a different price

Enter your desired name

Tap the search icon

Select Next to confirm your Name

Step 3
Submit the transaction and confirm reciept

Enter your pin or passcode

Review the transaction and tap Send Now

Open the transaction menu 

Tap on your in progress transaction

Confirm the transaction is complete

Check for your Name to arrive in the NFTs tab.

Please be patient it can take up to 10 minutes for the Name NFT to appear

Step 4
Recieve tokens at your .xch address

Congratulations! You can now recieve transactions with your .xch address

You can your new Name you can create a new wallet with some mojos and send it to your .xch address

Check your transaction log to confirm the incoming connection

Once you register the name its yours, until you sell it or give it away.