Claim and Share Batch Tokens

Legendary NFTs can be used to claim Batch tokens. A Batch token is meant to be shared with a recipient who can can redeem it for a Common NFT

Step 1
Claim Batch Token

Parse the NFT Offer

Send a message to Evergreen Coin Service proving you own the Legendary NFT

You can claim one Batch token using your Legendary NFT every 24 hours

It can take several minutes for the token to appear in the Coins tab

Step 2
Share the token

Share the Batch token with a friend by tapping Send, and selecting the Batch token from the dropdown list.

This experience is great for a new user experiencing Chia for the first time and only requires a receiving wallet. 

Track progress in the Transactions menu, opened via the button in the top right.

Step 3
Redeem the Batch token for the Common NFT and set Theme

Once you receive a Batch token, tap on the icon and select Redeem for NFT.

This operation sends the token to the Evergreen Coin Service and in return you'll get a common NFT.

The Common NFT can be used to set the theme in the app, but only the Legendary NFT can claim Batch tokens.

Happy Sharing!